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2014 Class List

- 2013-12-02

2014 Concours d’Elegance of America Classes
A       American Classic Closed Pre-war 1929 to 1942
B       American Classic Open Pre-war 1929 to 1942
C       Pre-1916 motorcycles
D       Gas light prior to 1914
E       Jazz Age 1915 to 1929
F       Auburn Cord
G       American Popular 1930 to 1942
H       Pre-war European Classic
I        Duesenberg Model J
J        The Evolution of the Sports Car 1900 to 1975
SC    Super Cars
K       Vintage Fuel Drag Bikes
L       Muscle Car
M      American Post-war 1946 to 1959
N       American Post-war 1960 to 1975
O       European Post-war
P       Lamborghini Anniversary
Q       Racing Through the Ages
R       Famous Firsts
S       High-Style Haulers: Pickups of the Jet-Age
T       Featured Designer Retrospective Virgil Exner
U       Mustang Anniversary
V       Ford GT40 50th anniversary
W      Pontiac GTO 50th Anniversary

2015 Winning Duesenberg