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1924 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A

Jim Patterson/The Patterson Collection, Louisville, KY

In 1931, the Swiss coachbuilder Carrosserie Worblaufen set out to create a special Sport Cabriolet of extraordinarily pleasing proportions. A 145-inch-wheelbase 1924 Isotta Fraschini Tipo (Type) 8A was obtained to provide an ideal foundation for the project. This masterful result of Worblaufen’s blending of Swiss elegance with Italian engineering was first displayed at the 1932 Geneva Auto Show. The car went on to win the Grand-Prix d’Honneur at Cannes in 1933.

An especially long hood and ultra-low windshield, combined with a closed-quarter cabriolet top, large trunk and double spares at the rear, gives the Worblaufen Cabriolet a graceful elegance that belies its true size.

Debuting in 1924, the Tipo 8A replaced the Tipo 8 of 1920-23. The earlier Isotta Fraschini had introduced the world’s first series-produced inline eight-cylinder engine. The derivative 8A engine featured a larger 7.4-Liter displacement and was significantly more powerful. Overall, the 8A set new benchmarks for automotive magnificence. Between 1924 and 1932, a total of 950 8A chassis were produced.

This superb European Cabriolet has had but four owners since completed in 1932. It was quietly kept in Switzerland and France prior to its 2014 arrival in the United States. A complete body-off restoration has since been carried out.