Best in Show American

1931 Stutz DV-32 Convertible Victoria

Joseph and Margie Cassini, III – West Orange, NJ

What you are looking at is the only known Stutz DV-32 LeBaron Convertible Victoria known to exist. With the radically raked and shortened folding windshield design, it also features the longest Stutz hood, lengthened by more than 6” with a set-back firewall.
This DV-32 is powered by a powerful 332 cubic inch engine that produces 156 horsepower. LeBaron was one of several coachbuilders providing bodies for Stutz in the 1920’s and 1930’s. It is believed that this example was a proposed “catalog custom” intended to maintain LeBaron’s position as the dominant producer of bodies for use on Stutz chassis. The relationship between Stutz and LeBaron dated back to 1927, with LeBaron’s development of a lightweight roadster body known as the Blackhawk Speedster. These would lead to giving Stutz a much needed facelift for its performance cars, which were previously considered somewhat dated.
Much of the ownership history for this car is known. It was originally imported to Argentina for Stutz distributor Luis Angel Firpo. In 1974 it was sold to a collector in Florida who kept it for several years before selling it to a gentleman in Ohio. The present owners were able to acquire it in 2008 from the Bool’s estate, becoming the third American owners. They commissioned a full restoration returning it to its original glory.