2019 Best In Show American

Founder’s Trophy Best in Show American

1938 Graham 97 “Off Brothers Collection
William Johnston and Ron Elenbaas” Richland MI

“Joseph, Robert and Ray Graham introduced their first automobile in 1927, but in 1938 they showed their most striking design, the ‘Spirit of Motion,’ better known today as the ‘Shark-Nose Graham.’ This unusual car is one of a pair of supercharged Model 97 Grahams bodied by Saoutchik.
The final creation of the late Amos Northrup, an early pioneer in automotive aerodynamics, it sported a jutting prow flanked by curved fenders, with headlights blended smoothly into their leading edges. Among its many unique features are parallel opening doors and a short, swept-back chrome-framed folding windscreen. An aerodynamically inspired fin molded into and forming part of the rear deck adds to its streamlined look.
Chassis number 141747 was one of two Saoutchik-bodied Grahams displayed at the 1938 Paris Salon. This award-winning car has an extensive history and a worthy example of streamlining from the Art Deco period.”

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